These oral and written histories feature individuals who were below the age of 16 in July 1967.


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Pamela D. Jones
Pamela D. Jones shares her memories as a 10 year old living on the east side of Detroit, Michigan in July, 1967.

Mary Jo David
Mary Jo David shares her memory of the start of the unrest as a 9 year old enjoying a summer day reading at the Edison Branch Library on Joy Road in July 1967.

Kevin Thrasher
Kevin Thrasher was a 9-year-old living on the east side of Detroit, patrolling his home in July, 1967.

Alee Darwish, March 30th, 2015
In this interview, Darwish discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community in Highland Park and the causes and effects of the 1967 disturbance, including the closing of the Highland Park Ford Plant and race relations. He also discusses changes in…

Christine Tomassini
Christine Tomassini recalls memories of being 11 years old in July, 1967.

Christine Schulz
Christine Schulz was a child whose family owned a convenience store at Gratiot and Connor in July 1967. She recalls the fear and uncertainty her family felt during the unrest.

Esperanza Cintron
Esperanza Cintron recalls her fear of city protectors when she was an adolescent in July, 1967.

Justine Smith
Justine Smith was twelve years old working as a camp counselor and recalls memories of fear and uncertainty in July, 1967.

Daniel Jennings, June 19th, 2015
In this interview, Jennings recounts the day his father, Reginald Jennings, was killed during the 1967 civil unrest. He also discusses growing up in Detroit and attending Detroit Public Schools in the 1960s and 70s. ***Note: This interview contains…

Stephan French
Stephan French remembers growing up in Northwest Detroit in 1967. He recalls regular visits to the Twelfth Street district before the unrest and the changing of the neighborhood afterward.

Jeri Bartolotta
Jeri Bartolotta recalls her childhood memories of her father spending nearly the entire week at his store on Linwood, near the epicenter of the riots.

Jim Demres, August 12th, 2015
In this interview, Jim Demres discusses his father, George Demres, and his work as a firefighter for the Detroit Fire Department in July 1967.

Kim Hunter
Kim Hunter shares her experiences in 1967 as a young girl about to turn 13 years old. She remembers the media coverage and "two riots"

Renee Giles, August 3rd, 2015
In this interview, Giles discusses her experiences as an 11 year old living on Fourteenth Street near the origin of the unrest in July 1967. She and her family were evacuated by the National Guard and stayed with relatives. Her father saved a…

Juanita Harper, August 15th, 2015
In this interview, Harper discusses growing up in Detroit including life before, during, and after the 1967 disturbance. She tells the story of the death of her brother, who was shot by a National Guardsman, and the lasting effects of the event on…

Daniel J. O'Brien
Daniel O'Brien recalls his experiences living along Eight Mile and witnessing racism and violence.

Marsha Greene, August 7th, 2015
Marsha Greene discusses growing up in Detroit, first on the east side on Vernor Avenue, later on the west side in three different neighborhoods. She discussed highlights of her childhood including family, friends, and neighbors as well as her…

Angela Smith
Angela Smith recalls being a child and witnessing looting and later National Guardsmen in Detroit in July of 1967.
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