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I am speaking for my deceased mother (May, 2013). My mother, Mrs. Senora D. Smith, was an operating room nurse at Receiving Hospital/Detroit General Hospital when the hospital was in downtown Detroit across from the former police headquarters. She…

Dr. Carl Lauter, July 7, 2015
In this interview, Dr. Lauter describes working at Detroit Receiving Hospital in July 1967 and taking care of patients that were injured in the civil disturbance, some of whom were under arrest, and being followed on his rounds by a military detail.…

Rosemary Konwerski, July 17, 2015
In this interview, Konwerski discusses working at the Lafayette Clinic in Detroit during and after the 1967 civil disturbance. She also discusses her family’s move from Hamtramck to Warren, Michigan in April 1967. Following the disturbance in July…

Cheryl Pierce-Reid, July 25, 2015
In this interview Cheryl speaks of her upbringing in Detroit and her early years as a nurse at Detroit Receiving and Kirwood Hospital. She also recalls her time at nursing school and seeing the events of 1967 first hand.

Katharine Burns, March 4th, 2016
In this interview, Katharine Burns discusses growing up in Detroit and her limited interaction with African Americans until she started working at the Lafayette Clinic. She also discusses the discrimination and the extreme disturbance in the city at…

Ted Van Buren, March 19th, 2016
In this interview, Van Buren discusses working in a de facto segregated hospital in Detroit in the 1960s and his recollections of the 1967 disturbance. He compares modern day society and race relations to what he experienced in the 1960s.

In the summer of 1967, I was a 19 year old young woman in my second year of nurses training at Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing, a 3 year residential program. I was from Saginaw, about 100 miles north of Detroit. During my first year, I rode the…

John Crissman, July 11th, 2016
In this interview, Crissman tells of being called in to Detroit Receiving to work as a trauma surgeon.

Thelma Edwards, July 11, 2016
In this interview, Edwards details what it was like growing up on the west side of Detroit and discusses the week of July 23rd, 1967, during which she was working at Detroit Receiving Hospital as a registered nurse.

On July 23, 1967 I remember feeling an eerie quiteness around the neighborhood where I lived in East Detroit (since renamed Eastpointe). On July 24th I had to start working at my new job as a Medical Technologist at Detroit General Hospital. Since…

In this interview, Allor describes her neighborhood growing up and her naivety with regards to the racial tensions in Detroit. She shares her memories of the unrest as she remembers them and discusses the future of the city.

Originally published by the Detroit Jewish News, 2002, Special Edition regarding the 1967 Riot:
Detroit, 1967
Seen from the hospital rooftop, the cityscape blazed orange with hot flames. From left to right and up and down the whole horizon…

Robert Tell, July 23rd, 2016
In this interview, Tell discusses his move from Brooklyn to Oak Park and his experiences as senior administrator at Sinai hospital during the 1967 disturbance.

Virginia Kelly, August 19th, 2016
In this interview, Kelly discusses growing up in Detroit and how her family eventually moved to Grosse Pointe when her neighborhood became unsafe. She also discusses her experiences working at the Detroit General Hospital during the week of July 23,…

Evelyn Sims, August 15th, 2016
In this interview, Sims discusses what it was like to grow up and go to school on the east side and her memory of the ’43 race riots. She recounts how she traveled various places going to school and teaching for nursing as well as various aspects…