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In this interview, Ann Kraemer discusses her role as a field work student at the School of Social Work for the University of Michigan. Kraemer and her coworkers went through the neighborhoods making sure families, children, and the elderly had the…

In this interview, Benevides recounts his childhood experiences in
Hubbard Farms, and talks about what has changed, and what needs to

Former Detroit Police officer Anthony Fierimonte discusses his experiences on the force--including his role in the raid on the blind pig at Twelfth Street and Clairmont Street on July 23, 1967.NOTE: This interview contains profanity and/or explicit…

During this interview Mrs. Walker describes her childhood growing up in the West Grand and Grand River neighbor hood since she moved there in 1986. She discusses how the closing of local business and grocery stores has negatively impacted her…

In this interview, Arlene Niskar discusses her family’s decision to move when a neighbor sold a house to a black family. She also talks about her memories of her wedding day on the Sunday that the unrest began as well as her Canadian relatives’…

Art Lorenz was 13 years old in the summer of 1967. He remembers that he was unable to attend his football conditioning class. He also remembers a conversation a few weeks later with a Canadian friend who had only seen media reports of what happened.

In this interview, Arthur Bryant discusses his impressions of growing up in Detroit. He shares his experiences during the events of July 1967.

Divers, Arthur.JPG
In this interview, Arthur Divers describes what it was like living in his black community during the disturbance. He discusses the various businesses that existed before the disturbance, and how it has drastically changed the community since then. He…

Avra Weiss lived with her husband and infant son in July of 1967 when the disturbances made them feel unsafe.

In this interview, Barbara Aswad discusses her life as a professor of Anthropology and the Middle East. She recounts a trip through the Middle East as a 19-year-old and how that changed the course of her life and how relations have changed on…

Barbara Ann Baldinger, St. Mary of Redford Graduation,  1970 001.jpg
Barbara Baldinger had just finished her freshman year of high school and was a Red Cross volunteer at a Head Start program at St. Cecilia School near Grand River and Livernois in July 1967.

Barbara Donley recalls seeing the tanks and National Guard enter the city from I-96 and opines on the lasting effects of July 1967 on Detroit.

Barbara Joseph Jones wrote a poem about her experiences in Detroit of July, 1967. She contrasts the tanks and turmoil of the city with her teenage memories of dancing to Motown music and cheerleading practice.

In this interview, Williams describes her childhood growing up in a primarily Catholic, all-white neighborhood. She gives stories of her first interactions with African Americans and Civil Rights members, and how the interactions shaped her world…

In this interview, Falbaum discusses his impressions when he first moved to Detroit, as well as his work covering Mayor Cavanagh's office during the summer of 1967.

In this interview, Williams discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community in Detroit and the causes and effects of the 1967 disturbance. She also discusses working in the Detroit school system and the changes that occurred over the years she both…

Betty Bright planned to spend the day golfing on Belle Isle but it was closed. When she got home, she heard about the unrest and eventually learned that her cousin, Jerome Olshove, was killed.
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