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In this interview, Adam Shakoor discusses growing up in the Sojourner Truth. He also goes into great detail about the reactions people had towards the police, the National Guard, and the unrest itself. He also comments about the political structure…

In this interview, Adrienne Bennett talks about being nominated for the Hustle project and her business Benkari, LLC Plumbing, Water Quality and Conservation.

In this interview, Akil Alivn talks about his business Digital Detroit Media also known as DDM which was founded in 2013.

In this interview, Calvert recollects his childhood growing up in the Jim Crow South and the impact he believes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had. He the discusses his move to Detroit and how he fell into a life of drugs, parties, and prostitutes. He…

In this interview, Hebert discusses growing up on the east side of Detroit in the 1940s and ‘50s and the challenges of maintaining his art studio in the years following the events of ’67.

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In this interview, Feldman discusses growing up in the suburban community of Oak Park and his experiences on Detroit’s west side, where he worked as a shoe salesman, and where his father ran two cleaning stores. Feldman discusses segregation in the…

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In this interview, Darwish discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community in Highland Park and the causes and effects of the 1967 disturbance, including the closing of the Highland Park Ford Plant and race relations. He also discusses changes in…

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In this interview, Murphy discusses his move to the Detroit area and serving in World War II with his brother. He also discusses joining the Detroit Fire Department and his experiences during the 1967 unrest.

In this interview, Algernon Bartell talks about owning five different businesses in the Detroit area.

In this interview, Ali Omar talks about being a part of the Hustle project, his business and growing up.

In this interview, Alison Vaughn talks about her business in Detroit, Jackets for Jobs.

Allan Ranusch was 11 years old and lived in the lower east side of Detroit in 1967. He remembers when looters broke into the neighborhood convenience store, snipers, and the damage to his neighborhood.

Allen Adinoff was 16 years old and living in Southfield, Michigan in July 1967.

In this interview, Amne Talab shares her memories of the summer of 1967 in Detroit and Highland Park when she was eight years old.

Ana was a 13 year old who lived with her grandparents near the training grounds where the Detroit Fire Department was stationed.

In this interview, Wahl discusses growing up in the Cass Corridor and attending Dally each year. He discusses daily life in the Cass Corridor and how it has changed over the years.
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