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In this interview, Pattinson discusses growing up in various Detroit neighborhoods, his family, and race relations in the city before and after the events of 1967.

In this interview, Sister McNeil discusses her memories childhood memories of Highland Park, the neighborhood, and her father’s store. McNeil describes her father’s store as a site of interracial harmony where black patrons protected the store…

In this interview McCluskey discusses her memories of growing up on Detroit’s east side. McCluskey also discusses her community work with the IHM sisters immediately following the events of 1967.

In this interview, Kendall discusses growing up on Detroit’s Eastside and moving downtown after graduating high school. She also discusses why she left after the 1967 disturbance and how suburban life differed from living downtown.

In this interview, Cunningham discusses growing up on the Eastside of Detroit and her experiences during the events of 1967. She also discusses race relations in Detroit and the changes in the city since the 1960’s.

In this interview, Amne Talab shares her memories of the summer of 1967 in Detroit and Highland Park when she was eight years old.

In this interview, Roger Manilla shares his experience of growing up in Detroit and the suburbs, his association with radical left-wing groups, and his memories of ‘67.

In this interview, Borrajo discusses racial tensions, life in Detroit in the sixties, the Arab-Israeli War, and how Arabs are portrayed in the media. He also describes the unrest of 1967 and what it was like to drive down Woodward, Grand River, and…
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