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Gross, David.JPG
In this interview, Gross discusses growing up in a non-integrated neighborhood in Detroit and his experience encountering the National Guard when he and several friends tried to play baseball. He also shares his views on present-day Detroit.

Dennis Nagy Pic.JPG
In this interview, Nagy tells of his upbringing on the east side of Detroit, his brief time in the army in Alaska, and his job in communications for the Detroit Police Department, where he was working during the summer of 1967.

Dawson, Joan.jpg
In this interview, Dawson tells of how she first heard of the unrest and her attempts to get all seven of her sons home and to keep them out of trouble. She also compares her memories of the ’43 riots to the events of 1967.

Edwards, Thelma.jpg
In this interview, Edwards details what it was like growing up on the west side of Detroit and discusses the week of July 23rd, 1967, during which she was working at Detroit Receiving Hospital as a registered nurse.

Myers, Marvin.JPG
Marvin Myers opened a corner store on Grand St. and Linwood one week before the unrest in 1967. He discusses the impact the week had on his store as well as later altercations with customers. He also briefly mentions his time serving in the Korean…

In this interview, Daley discusses growing up in a hectic household on the west side of Detroit and being a teenager during the unrest. She, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend went out during the unrest and were arrested for breaking curfew

Greig, Harvey.jpg
In this interview, Greig relates how he first heard about the events of July, 1967; his week at work as an essential personnel member at AAA in Detroit; and his experiences driving to and from work.

In this interview, Bruce Carr discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community and his family’s experience coming from Tennessee. He also touches on his experiences in 1967 and how he sees some of the changes in Detroit since.

Ralph Jones had just graduated from Cass Tech in the summer of 1967. The week of July 23, he was a camp councilor and spent several days away from the city.

PearlMoss&EdnaBaker Image.JPG
In this interview, Baker and Bonham-Moss divulge their respective upbringings and how they heard about the unrest of ’67. Baker also tells of how she was arrested for breaking curfew when arriving in Detroit during the unrest from a vacation.

In this interview, Giovan discusses his upbringing on the east side of Detroit and his associations with Italian American organizations in the area. He also describes how he heard of the events in 1967, and his role in the criminal proceedings of…

In this interview, McNeir discusses growing up in Detroit and the normalcy of interacting with local celebrities. He also talks about his hope for the future of Detroit and its communities. In the events of 1967 he discusses returning home from…

In this interview, Allor describes her neighborhood growing up and her naivety with regards to the racial tensions in Detroit. She shares her memories of the unrest as she remembers them and discusses the future of the city.

In this interview, Hadley discusses her childhood in Detroit, and her feeling of safety within the city. She then discusses her experience during the unrest, and how her entire family was fearful for their safety. She emphasizes that many of the…

Pylar, Larry.jpg
In this interview, Pylar describes his upbringing in a white neighborhood on the east side of Detroit and what he witnessed during the unrest of 1967. He also provides a perspective of Detroit residents who were not directly affected by the unrest…

In this interview, Conlon discusses growing up in non-diverse Grosse Pointe Park and how living there intertwined with her experiences of Detroit. Kathleen also discusses the profound affect the unrest had at her work location and on her husband’s…

In this interview, Griffith describes her experiences during the unrest and the fear that she felt during that week. She also compares Alabama to Detroit both in the 1960s and in present day.

In this interview, Robinson discusses growing up near 8 Mile Road, experiencing the ’43 riot, and his experiences as an African American police officer during the 1967 disturbance, including the department’s riot training and his interactions with…

In this interview, Boscarino describes how he came to own his business in Detroit and his relationships with his (primarily black) customers. He tells of how his customers called him when the unrest started and assured him that they were protecting…
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