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In this interview, Goodman discusses growing up in Detroit, where his parents owned pawn shops. He also discusses his work with Neighborhood Legal Service Centers and the time he spent working in Detroit Recorder's Court during the events of July…

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In this interview, Wegrzynowicz discusses his experiences with race growing up in a primarily Polish neighborhood. He also describes his experiences during the unrest, which included being witness to the Air National Guard being given their orders at…

In this interview, Tessen discusses growing up on the east side and how and why he joined the Air National Guard. He then describes the various duties he performed for the Guard in the city during the unrest of 1967.

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In this interview, Atkin discusses growing up on the west side and joining the Air National Guard in 1965. He was deployed to the city during the unrest to assist in guarding prisoners and police perimeters.

Michael David "Sandy" MacMechan discusses his experiences with Detroit growing up on the east side of Grosse Pointe, how he came to be an Air Policeman, and where he was when he heard about the unrest in 1967. Further, he explains his role as an Air…
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