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In this interview, Sgriccia describes what it was like growing up in Redford Township and tells the story of attending the Tiger’s baseball game the day of the unrest, followed by attempting to take the bus home but getting lost.

In this interview, Hafeli recalls the mood in 1960s “white” Detroit. Growing up in an exclusively white neighborhood, Hafeli describes the community-police relations and the racial attitudes of his community. Hafeli describes the how his personal…

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In this interview Donna Palmer discusses her experiences living in Detroit over the past sixty years. From her childhood in Corktown to her apartment on Clairmount, Donna discusses her ups and downs in the city. Living only blocks away from Twelfth…

Rod Schnaar was 14 years old and living in Rosedale Park in July 1967. He had attended the Tigers baseball game but couldn't get home because the buses stopped running. Two Detroit police offers drove him home in their cruiser.

John Spence and his younger brother were at the Tigers game on July 24, 1967. They were 15 and 10, respectively, and rode the bus home after the game to find their anxious parents awaiting them.

In this interview, Kurta discusses growing up on the west side of Detroit in the 1950s and 1960s and her intense personal experiences during the 1967 disturbance while working at Greenfield’s Restaurant on Woodward Avenue near downtown Detroit. She…

Ceil Jensen was a teenager who worked the hot dog stands at Tiger Stadium in July 1967.
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