Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward


Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward


Stories gathered to commemorate the summer of 1967 in Detroit.


Detroit Historical Society




Detroit Historical Society, Detroit, MI



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Allen Adinoff
Allen Adinoff was 16 years old and living in Southfield, Michigan in July 1967.

Barbara Baldinger
Barbara Baldinger had just finished her freshman year of high school and was a Red Cross volunteer at a Head Start program at St. Cecilia School near Grand River and Livernois in July 1967.

Pamela D. Jones
Pamela D. Jones shares her memories as a 10 year old living on the east side of Detroit, Michigan in July, 1967.

Ceil Jensen
Ceil Jensen was a teenager who worked the hot dog stands at Tiger Stadium in July 1967.

Mary Jo David
Mary Jo David shares her memory of the start of the unrest as a 9 year old enjoying a summer day reading at the Edison Branch Library on Joy Road in July 1967.

John Cipolletti
John Cipolletti was a 19 year old photographer who captured early moments of the events that occurred in July 1967.

Gene Bennet
Gene Bennet recalls various memories surrounding the events of June 1967.

Victoria Devulder
Victoria Devulder shares her parents' recollections of events during July 1967.

John Kastner
John Kastner dropped his daughters off at summer camp, to return to a city on fire in July, 1967.

Henry B. Lick
Henry B. Lick recalls memories of the actions of some officials and government presence in Detroit, July, 1967.

Alison Mellon
Alison Mellon was a student at Wayne State University in July, 1967.

Muriel Smith
Muriel Smith describes her mother's experiences as a nurse in July, 1967.

Marianne Smith
Marianne Smith describes driving through Detroit to a school photo shoot in July, 1967.

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson was a teenager who delivered the Detroit Free Press around his neighborhood in July, 1967.

Kevin Thrasher
Kevin Thrasher was a 9-year-old living on the east side of Detroit, patrolling his home in July, 1967.

Sandy Livnat
Sandy Livnat was a student at the University of Michigan in July 1967. He was working at a summer camp in northern Oakland County and returned home to help secure the family business in Oak Park.

Marcella Barowski, July 15th, 2015
In this interview, Barowski discusses growing up in an integrated neighborhood on the east side of Detroit and attending St. Bernard, an integrated Catholic school during the 1960s. She also discusses witnessing the looting of several local…

Joseph Claxton, June 12th, 2015
In this interview Claxton discusses living on the east side of Detroit in the summer of 1967 and remembers an incident during which a National Guardsman mistakenly suspected him of having a gun and, in turn, threatened Claxton with a rifle.

Alee Darwish, March 30th, 2015
In this interview, Darwish discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community in Highland Park and the causes and effects of the 1967 disturbance, including the closing of the Highland Park Ford Plant and race relations. He also discusses changes in…

Shirley Davis, June 12th, 2015
In this interview, Davis discusses growing up in Southwest Detroit and her recollections of the 1967 civil disturbance. She recalls interactions with looters, encounters with violence, property destruction, and the military. She also opines on…
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