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In this interview, sister Sferrella explains her experience of the 1967 unrest in Detroit. She was shocked to see a tank rolling down ordinary streets in Detroit. She also explained the problem with Detroit police verbally abusing her African…

In this interview, Hafeli recalls the mood in 1960s “white” Detroit. Growing up in an exclusively white neighborhood, Hafeli describes the community-police relations and the racial attitudes of his community. Hafeli describes the how his personal…

In this interview, Sister Oswald explained her personal experience during 1967 unrest while she was stationed at Star of the Sea covenant in Grosse Pointe and her communications with other convents in Detroit.

In this interview, Margaret Sweeney recalled living and working in Detroit. She talked about the leadership of her parish wanting to include the African American community.

In this interview, Rabaut recalls her memories of the summer of 1967 when she worked with a program set up by the diocese to help residents of Detroit. She and her fellow volunteers would hold liturgies in their building and she remembers the…

In this interview, two sisters from a convent in Detroit, explained their personal experience during the unrest. One recalled her time at Marygrove College where she worked as a teacher. The other explained how she assisted the police department with…

Markel discusses her experience of the unrest, which she refers to as a riot but concedes may also be categorized as an “uprising.” After being dropped off on the Marygrove campus in July 1967, her brother drove out of the city as quickly as possible…

In this interview, Cooney discusses her memories of the events of July 1967 and the social unrest of that period. She also discusses her community work during that period.
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