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In this interview, Korachis recalls his childhood memories of growing up in Greece and his initial impressions of the city of Detroit. He talks about his time in the Detroit Public School system and his memories of interactions with fellow students.…

In this interview, Johnson remembers her childhood growing up in Dearborn, Michigan and how her family’s view on racial relations did not align with the public views of that community. She mentions a letter her father wrote to the editor of the…

In this interview, Carole Hall shares memories of growing up in Detroit, and of the events of 1943 and 1967 in the city. She was a teacher at Northwestern High School and was very focused on improving the lives of her students. After the summer of…

In this interview, Glendy Thompson remembers her childhood in Detroit and her education – most notably her participation in the Northern High School walk-out and attending Freedom School. She remembers the summer of 1967 and the changes she has seen…

In this interview, St. John describes life growing up in Detroit and what it was like to teach in Detroit. She explains how she first heard about the unrest and her experiences during that week.

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In this interview, Lucille Schaffer describes her childhood growing up on the east side of Detroit and tells the story of when she and some friends went driving down Woodward during the unrest. Moreover, she shares her hopes for the future of Detroit…

In this interview, Yvonne Anderson discusses growing up in a multi-ethnic community including the black association in Detroit. She also discusses the discrimination and the extreme disturbance at that time.

Victoria Roberts is a Federal Judge who serves in Detroit now, but has a long history, and many memories, of her time growing up in the city of Detroit with her parents and siblings

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In this interview, Peek discusses growing up in New Jersey, attending college in West Virginia, and his time in Detroit during and after the events of July 1967. Reverend Peek discusses his extensive activism in Detroit

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Freeman Flynn discusses growing up in Detroit, his opportunity to attend Wayne University, and his training and experiences during World War II as a scout plane pilot, which led to his love of flying as a civilian. Freeman describes being a teacher…

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In this interview, Marty Levinson discusses his experience at his parents' tailoring business, which moved from Detroit to Oak Park. As a Jewish boy at the time, he describes his relationships with African Americans in school and the way…
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