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In this interview, Rashid discusses growing up in a changing neighborhood in Detroit. He discusses the businesses his family owned, and his experiences growing up around a time of social change. He also discusses some of the things he thinks will…

In this interview, Cooney discusses her memories of the events of July 1967 and the social unrest of that period. She also discusses her community work during that period.

Quick remembers driving several Sisters from a summer home in Canada back to the East Side of Detroit on the Sunday the unrest broke out. At the border, she was greeted by a “chaos” and a strong police presence. As a student at Marygrove, she also…

In this interview, two sisters from a convent in Detroit, explained their personal experience during the unrest. One recalled her time at Marygrove College where she worked as a teacher. The other explained how she assisted the police department with…

In this interview, Anthony discusses moving from St. Louis to Detroit, Kenneth Cockrel Sr., and the Big Four. He also discusses the challenges of activism within the church and his role working with the NAACP.

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In this interview, Rashid discusses social changes that occurred while growing up in his near west side neighborhood of Detroit as well as his own family’s experience during the 1967 civil disturbance, during which his father’s store was looted. He…
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