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Sheldon Beck


Sheldon writes about what he experienced during July 1967.


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In 1967 I lived on the northwest side of Detroit. Our family lived on Schaefer Rd between 6 and 7 Mile rd. On the day the riot began several of us were returning from spending the day at Kensington State Park. We returned to a friend's house near Livernois and 7 Mile Rd. We could see smoke billowing and we heard sirens wailing. Because of what was a perceived dangerous situation all of us remained overnight.
During the period the National Guard was on duty I was stopped by a guardsman along 7 Mile rd. returning from visiting my girlfriend. We were about 2 miles apart along 7 Mile, I was stopped because I was violating the 8:00 curfew in place. I remember this very young guardsman yelling out 'halt.' Nothing came of it and I was allowed to go home. My girlfriend had warned me that I was out too late. I didn't listen as was my nature for the most part back then.
In September my friends and I saw 2 Tiger----Red Sox games at Tiger Stadium. Both games had an impact on the American League pennant race. The Tigers lost twice ---very close games---and never recovered. It was heart-breaking since we were starved for a pennant winner. None of us had experienced this and we were all in our early 20s. I recall spending several weeks moaning about this----all the while trying to keep up with my classes at Wayne St.
In addition to attending Wayne State I also subbed in the Detroit Public Schools. I worked at times in the neighborhoods affected by the riots. Later in the early 70s I was hired to teach full-time at Northern High.
During the summer before and after the beginning of the riots I worked for the Stroh Brewery Co. We were affected by the riots----there were days we didn't work in spite of the fact it was hot which meant the company needed us because demand was high.
My father who owned a grocery store away from the center of the insurrection----Forest---Rivard area--- was impacted. His store was broken into.
He was able to sell to the city about a year later. After 20 years it was time for him to move on. The property became part of what was called 'urban renewal.'

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